The Catenary Bar Screen

The Catenary Bar Screen is an extra heavy duty front cleaned, front returned bar screen.

This screen utilizes two (2) strands of steel chain that is heavier and has superior strength than any other screen chain. The Chain is suspended from sprockets located on the head shaft, the lower end of the chain forms a 'Catenary' loop.

Connected between these chains are counter weighted rakes.

On the return run, the chain is supported by structural members, allowing the chain and rakes to enter the channel, follow the path of the 'Catenary' loop, without the aid of guides or sprockets. As the rake enters the bar rack, the rake remove the debris, collected on the bar rack.

The bar rack contains trapezoidal bars that are efficient and clog resistant.

As the rake exits the bar rack, it enters the dead plate where the debris is dewatered, and elevated to the discharge point for deposit into a debris container or belt conveyor.

Proven features of the 'Catenary' Screen:

  • Heavy duty
  • No under water moving parts
  • Shafts
  • Bearings
  • Guides
  • Sprockets
  • Jam proof
  • Non clogging trapezoidal shaped screen bars

Join the group and specify the E&I Corp 'Catenary' Bar Screen.

Often copied never duplicated

Why did the City of Detroit, Michigan, pre-select 10 custom E & I Corporation Catenary Bar Screens?

Why are other major cities following this trend?

The answer is simple – The E & I Corporation Catenary Bar Screen's are engineered to perform and built to last.

Superior Engineering & Construction — For over 25 years, E & I Corporation has delivered on their promise; long screen life with reduced maintenance and downtime.

Weathering The Storm — The E & I Corporation Catenary Screening Systems can handle continuous or intermittent high-loading... critical during severe storm conditions.

A Thousand Success Stories — Computer design, jam-proof operation and low maintenance costs has made the E & I Corporation Catenary Bar Screens the clear choice for thousands of cities around the world.

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