Pretreatment, and the screening of solids from the influent, is considered one of the most important single processes in any type of treatment system, in both municipal and industrial treatment. Properly sized and operated bar screens increase protection against undesirable materials passing through the equipment, protecting the balance of the plant from pump blockage, as well as premature wear of equipment and overload. As the industry becomes inundated with the latest and greatest in treatment technology, many of the old tried and true treatment methods are still held in high regard and deliver consistent well established results.

The EIMT Screen is an all stainless steel, front raked, front return Bar Screen - The yardstick in the industry for sturdy reliability. Even in the toughest applications, such as deep channels, high flows and combined sewers with large debris, the EIMT Screen operates trouble-free every day. Rugged craftsmanship reduces capital costs by delivering coarse bar screening durability combined with fine screen separation.

  • Openings as fine as ¼”
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Strength of a coarse screen
  • Performance of a fine screen

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